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Data collection

This website collects e-mail addresses for the purpose of logging into the website, so that users can load and save scenarios. Other than for this purpose, the addresses in question are stored and used exclusively to inform the users of available updates and new versions of the Energy Transition Model if the user agreed to be informed when signing up.

The data the Energy Transition Model sends from users' personal computers (PCs) to the web server (among others are anonymous (i.e., they do not contain e-mail addresses or other data that can be used to identify the user) and cannot be linked in any way to the previously stored e-mail-addresses. The data the Energy Transition Model sends from users' PCs to the web server do include the IP-addresses of these PCs. IP-addresses can be logged in order to prevent users from sending data several times and corrupting the energy statistics. The Energy Transition Model only sends data after the user gives explicit permission to do so. The data sent from a user’s PC consists of all model parameters set by the user and possibly the title of a saved scenario.

The server logs and databases are used for locating problems on the web server and are accessible to the police and other judicial authorities both in- and outside the Netherlands.

Cookies & Sessions

This website uses cookies for storing users' settings, such as the language and for temporarily storing data during a scenario.


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We take your privacy very seriously and will not provide access to your data or sell them to third parties. The collected data that cannot be linked to individual users, such as the energy statistics, will be shared with third parties via the websites and, for example.

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