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The Energy Transition Model (ETM) enables you to explore possible future energy systems for your country, region or municipality. Choose your area and future year to start your energy scenario!

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To start a new scenario, choose one of the available regions and a year in the future. The ETM is available on different geographical levels. Is the region you are interested in not in the list? Please contact Quintel, the developers of the ETM, for support.

Featured scenarios

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Here you can find a list of featured scenarios published by other parties. Explore them or use them as a basis for your own scenario.

  • What's new?

    The modelling of hybrid offshore wind is now available in the ETM. It is also now possible to collaborate with multiple users on scenarios.

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  • Transition Paths

    Explore the possible transition paths to a scenario for 2050 and discover the actions and consequences for aspired goals in 2030 and 2040.

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  • Game

    Can you create a clean energy future for 2030 and keep the lights from going out when there is no wind or sunshine?

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  • Mondaine Suite

    Explore the possibilities of coupling energy models and start a scenario based on an energy system caputured in an ESDL (Energy System Description Language) file.

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  • About us

    The Energy Transition Model is open source and developed by Quintel.

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