About the Energy Transition Model

What is the Energy Transition Model?

The Energy Transition Model (ETM) is an interactive online simulation tool for energy systems. It allows you to explore and quantify potential future energy systems in great detail. The ETM is free to use, open source, and is available for (EU) countries, municipalities, and many other regions.

Why use the Energy Transition Model?

The energy transition requires a major redesign of the energy system. Many stakeholders are working on different pieces of this complex puzzle. The ETM allows you to simulate all these pieces in one integral tool, whether they cover different areas, sectors, or carriers. This integration makes it possible to remain in charge of the energy transition and exchange valuable insights between stakeholders.

What to do with the Energy Transition Model?

Use the ETM to get a comprehensive overview of the energy system of your area or country covering demand, supply, emissions, and much more. Choose different technologies, costs, etc. to simulate the impact on the future energy system. By means of a wide variety of KPIs and (hourly) charts, the ETM will provide you with the quantitative and fact-based feedback to support strategic decision-making.

Getting started

Choose the area that you are interested in, pick a future year and simply start exploring! The ETM simulates the energy system of your area for the present and your future year. Use the sliders to adjust the future energy system. The interactive charts, tables, and KPIs will visualize the impact of your choices on the future. By creating a free account, you can save and share your work.

Check out the documentation for a complete guide on how to use the ETM.